These are some of the cheat codes a player can enter in the game SimCopter.

Cheat Codes Edit

  • SHIELDS UP - This code activates an invisible forcefield around the player's helicopter, which makes it immune to damage from crashing into the ground, buildings, cars, water, etc.
  • GIVE ME BUCKS OR GIVE ME DEATH: ### - Lets the player enter any cash amount 0-50,000. The more cash asked for, the more likely the game will crash.
  • I'M THE CEO OF MCDONNELL DOUGLAS - The best cheat code of all. This code lets the player go to the helicopter catalog and enter any number 1-9 to get any helicopter, including the Apache. This even works for maps without military bases, however, once the apache has been spawned into a map without a military base, a UFO will appear, which the player can shoot down for extra points and money. Another quirk about this code is hat when any helicopter has been spawned, the player can sell some of them for extra cash for equipment.
  • I LOVE MY HELICOPTER - Teleports the player to a helicopter, regardless of the player's or the helicopter's location.
  • GAS DOES GROW ON TREES - Fills the helicopter's gas tank to full.
  • SUPERPOWERMULTIPLY - Gives a turbo boost when the player presses SHIFT.
  • WARP ME TO CAREER: ## - Warps the player to any career city 0-30. This code is only valid in career mode.
  • BEEN THERE, DONE THAT - Fills the player's points bar to full. This code is only valid in career mode.
  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACION - Plays a movie at drive-ins.
  • GORT - Shows two aliens having a discussion.
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