SimCity 4
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts (Windows)
Aspyr Media (Mac)
Designer(s)Will Wright
Platform(s)Windows, Mac OS X
Release date(s)USAflagNorth America: Windows: January 14, 2003
Mac OS X: June 20, 2003
Genre(s)Construction and management simulation, city-building
Rating(s)ERSB: E (Everyone)
PEGI: 3+
Media2 CDs
InputMouse, keyboard

SimCity 4 was the 2nd latest release of a Sim City game for the PC. It added many new features compared to it's predecessors. SimCity Societies was the next game after this. It had one expansion pack, SimCity 4: Rush Hour and a compilation, SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, which included the core game and its expansion.


God ModeEdit

The three 'types' of play within a city are split up into three different sections: the first is God Mode, which allows you to alter the landscape of your prospective city (but is only available prior to entering City Mode). After God Mode is closed, the player automatically activates City Mode, which is the typical 'city builder' mode of the SimCity series. Finally, a third 'mode' (though found within City Mode) is Sim Mode, where a player can import a Sim (from the Sims series) and track its health and well-being as it moves about the town.

Mayor ModeEdit

Once the player has decided on the shape of the city's landform, the City Mode begins. Typical to the SimCity series, City Mode allows the placement of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial zones (Industrial Zones in SimCity 4 are further subdivided into 'Agricultural Zones', which are crucial to developing cities).

Also available are the expected roads, power-plants, water pipes, and other SimCity standards.

Sim ModeEdit

Sim Mode makes use of characters from the 'Sims' series, and allows a player to move them into a house within the city. The Sim will then function both as a Sim, and as an aspect of the overall SimCity simulation, and can be used to monitor pollution, track road design, and examine the placement of zones. The Sim will comment on all of these, rating the placement of zones, the level of a given zone's pollution, and the convenience of its local transit system.


Regions are similar to real-world countries, and hold the players' cities. Each region has one of two different appearances, being either plains or oceanside.

Pre-Created RegionsEdit

Several pre-created regions were shipped with the game, including London, Berlin, or San Francisco. These regions are closely modelled on their real-world counterparts, with some allowances for simulator limitations.


SimCity 4 includes a tutorial region, called Timbuktu; it serves to guide the player through the initial stages of the game, with the end-result being a small 'starter' city. Timbuktu was premade by Maxis, and unlike the other pre-built regions, it does not share the design of its real-world counterpart.

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