SimCity DS
Developer(s)EA Japan / EA Partners
syn Sophia
Publisher(s)EA Games
Designer(s)Will Wright
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release date(s)USAflagNorth America: June 19, 2007
EuropeflagEurope: June 22, 2007
Rating(s)ERSB: E (Everyone)
PEGI: 3+

SimCity DS (often abbreviated as SCDS) is a simulation/city building game and the Nintendo DS installment of the SimCity series. It was published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by EA Japan.

Gameplay Edit

SimCity DS is a modified version of SimCity 3000 some say that its mostly like SimCity 2000 but a Gameboy Advance version of SimCity 2K has already been made. The use of the the Nintendo DS capabilities are in the game. The top screen shows the city and the news ticker, while the bottom screen has the map of your city, your advisor, information on your city and buttons.

About Advisors and Petitioners Edit

The game features five advisors that assist the player into making the right choice for the city. Unlike the previous SimCity games of the series you have to choose your advisor. The different advisors include Mr. Maxis (A Will Wright cameo), Julie McSim, Ayako Tachibana, Kaishu Tachibana, Servo 3000 and a secret advisor named Alien. There are also petitioners, many of which are citizens of the players' cities, that approach the player with problems and request solutions or to modify city policies, such as lowering tax rates, or enacting an ordinance. They may also give the player rewards or request certain structures to be erected in the city.

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