The SimCity series is a game series that put Maxis and Will Wright on the map and made some of the concepts that would ultimately be fed into The Sims and The Sims 2.

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In all versions, the main concept is to build a city, as the game says. How you do this is by planting zones, (3x3 tiles on the first version, 1x1 and elastic on all subsequent versions). The three main zones are Residential (homes), Commercial (shops and businesses) and Industrial (factories and farms). And, you can't have an Amish community, so you are REQUIRED to set up some sort of power plant for your Sims. The various types went from two in the first version (Coal and Nuclear) to up to nine in the subsequent versions. Then, in the first two versions, you are required to set up power lines across streets, in the most recent versions, as long as the zones are connected there is no need to set up power lines. And from there, you watch the initial tracts of your city grow. From there, you expand, building city services such as police stations and fire stations to make the city nicer and protect it from disasters.

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In other games, such as The Sims or The Sims 2, the game takes place there. The SimCity series is also is located in SimNation.

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