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Title screen from a short promotional video for SimMars released on the SimCity 3000 installation CD.

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Screenshot from a short promotional video for SimMars released on the SimCity 3000 installation CD.

SimMars was a strategy game in development at Maxis around the same time as the release of the wildly popular Maxis game, The Sims. A trailer for the game was included on the SimCity 3000 CD. From the trailer, the premise of the game seemed to be a manned mission to the planet Mars, followed by a terraforming and colonization scenario, typical of the Maxis world-building game style. The game presumed to be an integration of previous Maxis titles presented in 3D, possibly including elements of SimEarth, SimLife, and SimCity.

In The Sims: Vacation, there was an arcade game titled SimMars and it had a detailed description about the game:

"Direct mankind's first mission to the red planet! Launch rockets and deploy robot probes! Deploy teams to search for alien resources! Establish and run a network of specialized colonies to create a self-sufficient civilization! Provide your colony with food, shelter, and power! Fast, furious, adrenaline-pumping action!"

As of May 12, 2000, Maxis has stated that "SimMars is on hold and we do not have staff at Maxis currently working on the game. With the phenomenal success of The Sims, we've decided to move resources to support that franchise as well as other titles that we haven't even announced yet." [1]

SimCity 4 modificationEdit

The concept of SimMars has been extended in a fan-based modification of SimCity 4 through users of the SimCity fansite Simtropolis. Rather than a game in its own right, this modification simply overrides the audio and visual aspects of the existing SimCity 4 game to replace the concept of building a city on Earth with building a colony on Mars. [1]


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