SimNation is the fictional country in which all "Sim" games take place. Citizens of SimNation are known as "Sims". The country's official animal is the llama, and the official language is Simlish. Its currency is Simoleons (§). One can assume that Simnation has a very strong economy when you see how items are priced in Simoleons in The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. There are other notable things such as garden gnomes and plastic lawn flamingos. Other real countries, such as France, England and Ireland are also mentioned in object descriptions.

On SimCity 2000 the national population is of 10 millions at 1900 and 150 for 2050. As the game progress beyond the year of 2050, it can reach up to 5 billions.

SimNation's LocationEdit

It is unknown where SimNation exactly is, however, in many Sim games, there are mountains, deserts and grassy plains, which resemble the environment of the United States. However, SimNation's official animal is the llama which only lives in the mountains of South America, though it could be that llamas don't actually live in SimNation, but are used only as a symbol, although they do appear in Sim City 4.

SimNation could be an independent part of the USA, possibly around Nevada or California, but it is also possible that SimNation is a full-fictional part of the world, or even a different world entirely. When watching the weather channel in the Sims 2 with Seasons installed, the weather map will show a landmass shaped vaugley like India with the eastern coast continuing and not much of the west coast seen.
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Species of SimNationEdit

While most citizens of SimNation are humans, there are multiple other species. (it is unknown if all are entirely separate species, or a different sub-species of Human, such as Vampires.) These other species include Vampires, Werewolves, PlantSims, and Bigfoots (not native to SimNation).

It is unknown if these species exist in these numbers in the whole world of The Sims series, or only in SimNation.

Technology of SimNation Edit

SimNation is very advanced technologically compared to real-life nation-states. The technology of the country includes Servos, the remarkable, and seemingly sentient humanoid robot.

It is currently unknown if the rest of the world of The Sims series is as advanced as SimNation.

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