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Spore Galactic Adventures is a game currently being developed by Maxis It will be an expansion pack for the Spore Game.

It will feature an adventure creator and plant editor. Allowing the player to create missions and share them on the Sporepedia. And also walk out of the players spaceship in spore.

Features Edit

  • Adventure creator - create adventures.
  • Planet editor/Galactic editor - an ability to create and share planets and star systems.
  • Captain editor - players will be able to beam down from planets.
  • Choosing flora and fauna - there will be no flora editor in the game, but players can access new flora to place on their planets they created.
  • Players can beam down onto adventure planets
  • New creature parts
  • Piggy back on vehicles
  • Building and vehicle parts can be merged

There is much more coming with the expansion

It is set to be released June 23' 09, it was originally going to be released on March 17th, but it was delayed.


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