Spore Hero Arena Coverart
Spore Hero Arena is the Nintendo DS spin-off of Spore Hero which was released in North America on 6 October 2009, and worldwide on 8 October. This game is the second Spore game for the Nintendo DS, and improved from its predecessor with its new 3D graphics, and creature creation system.


Spore Hero Arena allows the player to move around an overworld with slight exploring and puzzling. On each planet there are six blue shards to collect by doing certain missions or jobs assigned the player by the creatures that inhabit that world. These missions can vary from being a bodyguard, racing, and of course, arena battles. Once you get all six you can turn them into a specific creature at the front of the champion's arena. The player's job is to go in and fight the champion to get the evil red fragments. Players control their creature via touchscreen and attack by using the D pad or the A, B, X, Y buttons. There are only have three different kinds of bio powers (special attacks) equipped at once. Players get to these by the L or R buttons and tapping which one they want to use with a stylus. When you get into the arena there are different kinds of battles to face. There is capture the egg (capture the flag), Battle Royale, where they fight to knock their opponents off of the arena a certain amount of times and many more.


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