Urbzville one of the major cities in SimNation. It is split into nine districts, South Side Bridge, Gasoline Row, Diamond Heights, Neon East, Kick Tail Park, Skyline Beach, The Foundry, Central Station, and Cozmo Street, and is the location of The Urbz: Sims in the City.

South Side BridgeEdit

Urbz can help Louie Bricks him with his fireworks business.

Gasoline RowEdit

Gasoline Row is a biker hangout.

Diamond HeightsEdit

Diamond Heights is a very posh and glitzy district. The player's Urb can get a job modeling.

Neon EastEdit

Neon East is influenced by Japanese pop-culture. The player's Urb can get a job cooking sushi.

Kick Tail ParkEdit

Kick Tail Park is a skatepark with a skateboarding ramp and ice cream vendor where skateboarders hangout.

Skyline BeachEdit

Skyline Beach is a roof-top hangout where Urbz like to show-off their bling and wrestle ferrets.

The FoundryEdit

Central StationEdit

Central Station is a subway station. The Urbz that hangout there are dressed in a Gothic or Punk style.

Cozmo StreetEdit

Cozmo Street is a street in Urbzville. There are 5 townies that are found here.

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